Thursday, 13 June 2013

Advice for Prgrammers

Hi I am a Software Developer having one year of experience from India. I would like to tell you how to crack interviews. Interview depends on many things such as:-

Interview in Small Companies

1.First and important point is which company you are going for how much it is old and does it have any experienced employees?.

2.How much experience do you have?

3. What the company needs from you ?

As in my first point i asked how the company is? There are situation where the boss is Non Technical he does not has any knowledge about software or codes. So firstly he asks the developer how much experience does he have and what qualification does he have. Then he asks about what kinds of projects he has done. If you are satisfying his needs  the you are selected and you are the first employee of the company luckily.

If he does have employees then they will take the interview they can ask anything they are good at so be prepared and be friendly them if you are able to impress them then you are selected.

In Small Companies if you can give you the output and can generate the income for them or say you can do projects at the given time then only they will give you money/salary. There are situations when small companies  don't give  salary at the time so don't get frustrated get the experience get the knowledge and then switch to  good company according to you.

Interview in MNC


1.How big the company?.

2.How much experience do you have?

3. What the company needs from you ?

First Round:-

To crack a interview in MNC you have to be good at Basis and at the same time you have to be good at
application development. They will test the logic first by giving you simple problems in Data Structures , Al go, Oops Arrays etc so don't forgot to revise the basics if you to work in a good company.

Second Round:-

In this round they will test that you will fulfils their work or not. If they found you suitable and cleared all the rounds you are selected.

So  to be a good programmer /developer don't ever forgot to work on basics at regular intervals Big companies will check that only the they will proceed further.

Waiting for Answers

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